• 2016-2018

    PhD in Electrical Engineering and Network Information Technology

    University of Brasília in Cotutelle with the Open University of Catalonia, Brazil / Spain

    From both doctoral programs I am specialized myself on signal processing, computational intelligence and optimization techniques. My research focuses on the development of algorithms to cope with identified optimization issues related to telecommunication systems in smart cities. On the one hand, this includes the development of metaheuristic solution methodologies for complex combinatorial optimization problems (e.g. the Hub Location Problem) and their combination with different simulation techniques (simheuristics) to tackle problem settings under input uncertainty. On the other hand, my research interests include other innovative metaheuristic strategies such as the hybridization of well-known techniques as Local Search and Biased Randomization techniques, which promise further improvement potentials in the context of telecommunication networks.

  • 2015-2016

    Master in Electrical Egineering

    University of Brasília, Brazil

    On my Master’s dissertation, I presented a comparison between two strategies for quantifying the time structure of a signal in the context of the problem of unsupervised Wiener-Hammerstein inversion: the autocorrelation and autocorrentropy functions, furthermore, an immune-inspired algorithm was employed in view of the characteristics of the associated optimization problem.

  • 2006-2011

    Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications

    Universidad Autónoma del Caribe, Colombia

    The program leads to a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications. From my Bachelor studies I have a good background in telecommunication systems and Matlab and C programming.